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  • Hello world Let’s set the tone straight for a minute. I am not an …
  • YOUTUBE CHANNEL HELLO WORLD. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope that you are having great ones. This …
  •       Hello Internet, How are you doing? I wanted to share with you …
  • The rise of the new influencer beyond the screen. It has been a while since …
  • Hello World and People from the internet, Did this little video on UX UI VUI …
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    • One of the kind

      One of the kind




    One of the kind

    One of the kind

    Hello world

    Let’s set the tone straight for a minute.
    I am not an influencer. Stop sending me things to do jewelry or others or ask me to be part of your influencer program.

    I am a designer, due to years of experience of being a founder and having the start-up culture experience I grew in business as well for seed funding, plans, pivot, scrum so on and so forth. Not folklore business with the word hanging there.

    1.5 years ago I received my work permit and I accepted a position where I was overqualified because I wanted to show that I was employable for my interview. I paid for my failing fees. Lawyers and extension under this current presidency.
    I never even knew that people could be paid that low in my entire life.
    If you have time to waste to do looser shades I don’t. I came to this country by myself. Find a host family myself who had 10 girls before and after me, I am the only one today with a green card. And if you think this is a coincidence or luck you are vastly mistaken.

    “The be comparing me

    I was not made twice.”

    Riles U better Listen

    I work so hard since age 13 to put myself into an IVY league high school of art where I have to work even harder with 15 hours more than the other kids. With ART HISTORY PHILOSOPHY ( 8 hours a week) PHILOSOPHY OF ART, ART, APPLIED ART, DESIGN on top of all the other usual subjects. It meant staying with the same class for three years. Then on top of my baccalaureate which equals three credits in the USA college alone, I did Concours all over France and applied to only two US colleges on my own. I got a scholarship dean and international. My parents helped me out because you have to show that you have a certain amount in CASH FOR FOUR YEARS for your school and living. I started working and got my first marketing job two years before graduation. I kept my scholarship to an IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL IN DESIGN AS WELL. Won a competition and instead of the money, I did what I always do I invested in coding classes.
    I AM talking about years of train work ethic. I am talking about talent. I am talking about sustaining and growing talent. FOR YEARS.

    ” Lot of rats in my city but this ain’t nothing new”

    Riles: U better listen


    Once you know a language you pick up the other. I have worked for billions of dollar companies without the proper documentation. To all of my international friends, I am the only one who stayed.

    “There’s just a lot of wannabes and many look-alikes

    English my second tongue”

    Riles U better Listen

    I am about to have a fourth one.

    AGAIN. SO I know the GETTO. However, we are not gonna going to talk unless it is for what I am qualified for and 100 k before taxes. TO START.

    Why because we will do UX AND UI at least that is what I want. On top of building a product that will generate money, I will build the second pipeline of money within the product. It is a low cost for high revenue.
    Once you know your craft and what you are doing with all due respect you know how much is at stake for you. Which is the present case here.

    I have two months.

    ” I am tired of yall, Imma just go my way.”

    Riles: U better Listen

    Because I have had all situations that you can think of but I am not staying in ghetto place where they know how much they are giving us and It is not enough and they want cheap labor and this is not what I have worked for in my life. It is always better to have a bad job than no job but in two months it will be leverage to were I should be by now.

    If I wanted to be just famous or have an extraordinary following quick and fast no offense I would be doing nudes and dance in front of a camera on a pole. I am not here to judge anyone. It is a reality. I woulda quick belly surgery which I will be doing in 2020 and I am good I got the rest of the material.

    BUT I DON’T because I want to share what I create for a year and a half continue with my patent and companies and set my third stream of income.

    So the excuses, the scams, the BS, the shade will not be accepted. Don’t start to compare. Where there is no comparison I was not made twice. I am putting myself into a good spot. NO OFFENSE BUT THIS IS a DIFFERENT HUSTLE and I am getting ready for the best of my life. AND I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.
    So: world, people, friends, and family.

    I am rolling with my unit as usual and Romain since kinder garden and my two only other friends in this country. GOOD LUCK AND LET’S CONTINUE TO BUILT A COMMUNITY. It starts to pick up on as much as in UX

    “Yay I said, on my own. ”

    Riles- U better Listen

    I don’t do gigs I do a career. I am not a rapper I am not an influencer. I am not in here for your grammar which I do have better than some native speaker to begging with. I am not here to please you. I am not here to help you without you helping me to as well. I am not here for your undercover racist remarks and you better pray to have a french accent and talk at my English level because you have no idea of the asset it is. And an EXCELLENT WORLD RENOWNED & European training.

    I am not here to entertain you with unnecessary drama. I am not here to talk crap about the world. Little elementary school petty, catty things are not being experienced by those I just mention and me we outgrew that if you didn’t your problem. I am not here for your ghetto ass mentality and ghetto ass period. I am not in here for your bum talk and your excuses and fake explanation. IF you were not raised to respect people in this civilization to begging with don’t talk. Start being raised.

    And for now on I am not going to even talk about anything or anyone but the one I just mentioned above because there are only them who matter. However, for the rest unnecessary. I appreciate my life. It is much better than a movie. I love people. I love receiving value from people and give them value. The rest does not matter. SO IF YOU want to pollute your life and your brain with the shade. Or talking smack about other people. Or comparing meanwhile its not even the same grind. We will not even share a glimpse of a moment. It is negative. Nothing good for both parties can come out of that.

    “Been tryanna get acknowledge by the great ones

    WHY everybody sleeping but the real ones?”

    Riles- You better listen

    I don’t need to say I am this or that because those are the wannabe and I am. I was not made twice.

    I manifest what I am thinking and I know I am putting my energy into good things to manifest them. SO don’t waste your time and mine.
    Being FOCUSED:
    Going to get the money and the job I deserve in the first place and finishing my UXD slides for today. I hope I will have some time to code VUI. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GREAT END OF THE YEAR.




    First, you got to see it and then you got to say it. You have to feel it and mean it. We are not faking it until we make it stay fake. I am good. I am like; this, is it? That’s it and there is no other way around it.



    Good luck! IF you are looking for us before China we are in Sylicon Alley







    I hope that you are having great ones. This year I am mostly alone but it’s alright. I have tons of things that I have to catch on. Otherwise I would have done a unicorn Hanukkah and a Harry Potter Christmas. The luck of being what they call an “hybrid”. Out of the box for everything in my life. Last year I made make up now I am making the colors in a factory. ( but my priorities are still my patent, companies, jobs, bootcamp and coding :)))))) AKA life of a hyper active who learned to canalize her energy. The process takes more time. So this year my environment is so ghetto and horrible that I will buy some presents for the are decent people. Be like a lotus flower. Maybe turn the negative into positive. But I want to get in my field and I have two months to do so that is my deadline in my mind. This is how you can conduct a user interview. Some insights on qualitative and quantitative small manageable data research you will not be dealing with scale in this video. Just with OUR USERS or Potential USERS or HUMANS. As well as my portfolio presentation and survey design. Enjoy this will add a lot of value to you. One click and the editing process gets better.

    ————————————- BOOKS ———————————-

    The richest man in Babylon… The intelligent investor… Structure… How money works… Mostly common sense but great value


    ——————————– Musics—————————————-

    Music By Chief Takinawa- Saku II-!=A2E79B90 At: Thematic… Music By VALNTN & Anna Clendening-

    “BE KIND”

    ——————————– Links ——————————————–

    The doe network: As well as my beloved portfolio: Portfolio:


    —————-Don’t Stay a stranger come and join our community. ———————– Instagram :… Facebook : Website:








    Hello Internet, How are you doing?

    I wanted to share with you this video that I have edited to the maximum. So take a coffee or a tea and watch Noonoouri a true added value. Most of the pictures are pure Noonoouri creations. However, I took the freedom to create a few little pictures. I hope they are not going to be mad at me. I just thought that she was inspiring. This will be adding value to your life. I am explaining why Noonoouri? The pros and cons as well as the creator economy. As you know, I want to be an entrepreneur and be part of the creator’s economy. Definitely, this will add value to you if you want to be a creator.

    See you, Dreamers and Entrepreneurs;

    You can follow me on: Instagram:… @luxurytechapparel

    Music by Music by no suits – Escape Reality – Via Thematic

    I can’t wait to share with you.




    The rise of the new influencer beyond the screen. It has been a while since Sify predict us with those cyber human. Since the technological revolution technology enables us to inflame our imagination and give a real existence in that hybrid sort of life. So is Noonoouri a real influencer?

    Since I am writing an article as a person I am going to be as objective as possible.

    Noonoouri is not the only one of her kind. We have so many.

    To my knowledge companies have tabbed on the rise of that created hybrid as much as they did for actual “human” influencers.

    You have Lil Miquela which has 1.6 million Instagram followers which is closed to what the superstar’s influencers can have.

    The CEO of YOOX is trying on the digital avatar and AI in order to try on features. We can cover this into another article if you wish.



    Why Noonoouri?

    She is by far the most interesting one.

    Created by Lea Mairet based on Noonoouri creation: 








    Who is she a 19 years old digital age avatar that is 1.50 meters. She is a humanitarian and

    activist, art, destination, fashion and beauty avatar.

    Created by:


    You can check on 

    or on Instagram: @yoox

    However, Noonoouri is the one to me that moves my soul.

    Instagram at: @noonoouri

    I would say she is the closest to what can be interesting and with an actual soul to her that is genuine. Indeed, we all read and know bullshit when we see it. But the fact that she was really engaged and built for that since the begging changed the game.

    Why is Noonoouri more objective?

    My mantra is that stupid decision always ends you up with stupid results it is far from being rocket science.


    Created by Lea Mairet based on Noonoouri creation: 




    -My mantra is that stupid decision always ends you up with stupid results it is far from being rocket science.

    – Noonoouri is created from the bottom up and her ego is not going to be in the way of decision making which automatically increases her life shelf.

    Created By Lea Mairet based on Noonoouri creation:


    • Noonoouri has cause defined from the begging that is authentic and pure. She is not doing it for the views but because it was indeed the mission of his creators. Also, part of the reasons if I spend my time making this article might as well do it for something purely interesting.
    • They have more creative choices in the sense that it is already a creation made and run by someone else. They are into what is my forever interest in the state of the creative economy which is not a new economy as some tend to say just because they don’t know what they are talking about. However, it was made in 1979 and never stopped since then just increased.
    • To the lack to have a human story we have an educative aspect to them. Since they are created there is a hole education process behind it that is the consequence of education.
    • To me, they are at the core the epitome of what a real muse is and what a true pygmalion effect
    • Because we are into a pure creation territory from the character itself it is better to watch an avatar tell you where she is with an authentic message and mission, rather than a girl that you don’t know telling you to look at my life it’s much better than yours. You are at work getting pressured. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE SOMEONE TELLING YOU:
    • ——> I am in super clothes,
    • ——->I am with beautiful people and my life is great what about yours It socks which value did she bring? Nothing but negative. Meanwhile, with a created avatar that has an authentic mission, we have hopes and dreams inspirations that can come along. Which is in CONCLUSION less negative as the hole message.

    Created by Noonoouri:

    That is why independently of Noonoouri when I saw that Frederico Marchetti invested into avatar for YOOX and Net A Porter and fashion and tech. My deduction was we are with the real progressive one of tomorrow. It is not the one that you see now it is what will be next.

    It is about what is the added value to your clients. We all have dresses and bags the questions is which one and a brand are no longer enough. Those avatars are changing the landscape and Noonoouri is adding a clear sensitive dimension to it with a humanistic message and end up more human than some of us. <3



    • When the interfaces are not correct. Unfortunately or Fortunately I could definitely get a job designing avatar for YOOX because the aesthetic of some design is not there. This is NOT the case with Noonoouri that cleverly played on an anime aesthetic.
    • It might be dangerous to invent a story as a lifeline to that Avatar because as a VIEWER and there the UXD in me is talking we know it is not real. YES, we watch people that are not real every day and there is as said earlier a sense of tiredness of boredom.
    • The cons for the avatar would be to get into the influencer market meanwhile it is a creator market that generates even more revenues than an influencer market. For example,  Apple creates beautiful interfaces and is sitting on 250 billion dollars in cash. You can absolutely market into the creative economy.

    The creation market

    As being said the cultural economy is NOT NEW and the creator ECONOMY is not new. FYI YOUR NEXT THING ON I hope you will enjoy it. It was first introduced in 1979 and increased since then because that is our nature as humans and we have to create it is in the anthropology of a civilization. Now we have created a civilization that creates a positive environment in order to create great conditions.


    That avatar and especially the wonderful work created with Noonoouri have so much more potential than classical influencers. An influencer is to me like a familiar marketer.

    You feel like you are into their lives and they now market you and get eyeballs on things all the time through their own presentation of their lives. Is it their lives? Meanwhile, the avatar has so many more possibilities and I believe that Vogue China who endorses Noonoouri made such a smart choice.


    You have to understand that if you want to make an ad for a perfume lets say. You pay two to three people to create an entire ad that was never done before still true to the avatar. Meanwhile, for an influencer, you have to pay a crew of people, the editor, makeup, hair, the influencers, the agents of the influencers, etc…

    Created by Lea Mairet based on Noonoouri creation: 

    WHAT IS BEST IN TERMS OF VALUE? Choice did. When for your brand you decide to market yourself those are as well things to consider. As being said Apple created never copied but PAID Creators. Now it is worth 250 billion dollars. NOBODY HAS EVER SURPASS THAT AS A COMPANY.


    The new muse
    the true purest most real form of what a muse can be and technology enables that. They are pure creation from scratch with a true mission and not her ego. If we stay in the case of Noonoouri.

    Created by Lea Mairet based on Noonoouri creation: 





    Hello World and People from the internet,

    Did this little video on UX UI VUI AND AI PORTFOLIO, I hope you will enjoy it and thank you for your time it will add some value to your life.




    Enjoy the video guys I hope you will like it.

    Hello world, I am trying to upload as many video as I can however, I still have a lot of other things to do. It is Sunday 4:53 Am still working. I hope this video will add value to you. It is about the unboxing of the Fashion nova x Cardi B collection. I am a little late. However, It is still relevant. – What is the strategy that fashion nova is choosing? – What is fashion nova ? – The company story. – The influencer marketing/ Celebrity Marketing Review Fashion Nova Website : Cardi B: Music: Tim Schaufert Like a dream found using Thematic I adore this space I wish I could have created it. Let Keep in touch with the creation and companies stories on: Instagram: . . . Facebook: I do videos because I love doing them. I want to do one with a voice over but I don’t know if it is possible without getting in trouble. I will keep asking until I get a response. 🙂 See you next time. LOVE LEA. M




    Despite the fact that my research on L’Oreal group and AI are done I still have to do the blog post about. I am also working in UX and looking for a job. My project took a course I did not expect since I have to keep in mind what most of the time people are not seeing. They want to bring value. However, I am never the smartest, nor the prettiest, nor the best. But what changed me and got people to tell me that I was the best or making myself indispensable in small insignificant thing is the repeated single act of  REVERSE ENGINEERING. That I could get myself out of such limbo in mediocrity sometimes. Instead of asking what do I bring value in. I started building products into what not me but my users valued. Today, my life took a course that I had already a strong intuition about for a while. 



    I believe those following lines changed my life for the best and all of my products changed their form and course. Indeed, I was not looking for applications again but something more.













    I wanted to share it because we do live in an open-source world. What got me to become indispensable sometimes rejected but with harder frictions than anything else was for me to start thinking of problems in a different way through the application of reverse engineering. At that stage, I trust myself and my own journey and I knew when I read that that this was for sure with AI my future.

    Stay tuned will post the blog post on under amour and loreal. They are late and I apologize. This was too interesting to not share it with you. Have a great day love.


    Happy week.




    package helloworld;


    *  Long time no see just a little update to let you know since you might not follow me on instagram. We have been shooting tons of youtube videos for you guys on several companies as well as making my #uxd portfolio and working a full time jobs. I still focus on fashion and technology as well as beauty and technology. However, I am also opening my horizon with problems at large. Such as agriculture, air pollution, Money, finance, bathroom, invention with elevators how can we reinvent the user experience and of course AI. I am not so much concern about the noise because I am making a lot of noise quietly.

    Have an happy weekend! Next will be unboxing videos and the l Oreal Group videos as well that I did not forgot.

    public class My first Class


    I can’t wait to go back to clean code until it feels natural to me back again and sound design with pictures AI automations.



    Love you,



    What is deep face recognition ? You are using it everyday.

    What is deep face recognition ? You are using it everyday.



    What is Deep Face Recognition that you are using every day?

    The deep face is deep machine learning that you are using every day in order to install an app from your iPhone. I don’t even know what we have keys or passwords anymore.

    The deep face Usually is four stages that we will covers.

    The deep face recognition derives from nine layers of face recognitions. All of those data set were built over 4 millions of data set dentition belonging to more than 6000 identities.

    You are really using face recognition every day. This is a series of article about AI that we will explain to you because you have to know and understand what you are using every day in order to use it better for yourself.

    Because in the American culture we understand data as harm and danger that is not it is how people use it and if people were educated to what data is there would not be used against people information. I will have youtube video and article in order to really understand data and how it can indeed make a better society well use. you have to choose to be a light.

    If you want to go deeper in the AI deep face recognition you can read the Facebook white paper:

    http://Facebook Deep Face Recognition

    Click here.

    If you want to keep it simple come with me.

    PHASE 1——-> DETECT <——–



    The neural network built in can detect your face in micro seconds.


    PHASE 2——-> ALIGN <——–

    Each face is unique and we use point of alignment in Deep learning.



    PHASE 3——-> REPRENSENT <——–

    This is the moment where microcode are doing the count of if it is you or no.

    PHASE4——-> CLASSIFY <——–

    This is Classification and all of this four-stage process happens in microsecond which makes it really impressive it is twice as fast to three-time if a human brain was doing it.

    In Ai, we have several areas like in all things. If you go to any store you have the section for health then cosmetics then food lets say in a CVS. Same goes for AI and DATA SCIENCE

    It is every day and everywhere on your phone and it does help improve your life. Have a glorious life

    Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel:


    Put us on Instagram And…





    Hello love,

    I hope you are having a good week. I wanted to write this blog post to know what you thought about the LVMH designer prize 2019. It has become a thing in the industry to ” discover” designers as much as models or creative… LVMH the world leader in luxury created 6 years ago the LVMH prize in order to discover a young designer.

    Designers like Jacquemus were discovered and launched their brand from that. However, with last year Marine Serre and the two last collection, I was really confused. I said to myself I HAVE TO FOLLOW THE PRIZE THIS YEAR BECAUSE WHOA HOW DID WE ARRIVED HERE.

    SO …

    LVMH prize… I am so excited about those… I am trying to think really hard how to make the best graphics that can present them.

    5000 applications one year of mentorship with LVMH which is awesome.

    I love too much tech to do just fashion design and I like to learn every day. When I talk about learning I am of course talking about valuable knowledge.

    The Jury very sadly Karl will not be there this year like the other years. But the top of the fashion world. From bloggers like Song Of Style or Men Repeller.


    It is 20 designers against 5000 applications.

    Then we will see the 8 finalists and how you can enter. By watching the prize you can have an idea of the type of business and level of design that you should have.





    THOSE ARE THE 20 DESIGNERS. There is now 8 finalists that are the following:


    All of the pictures and information architecture is made by me. I love it and I love to challenge myself and still be in business. #fashionandtech, as well as #beautyandtech, are my life with #uxd #ui and #ai.


    Now the question really is what way LVMH can be useful for you as a young designer in the business? 


    There is the cash prize of 300.000 dollars which is nice and that is true. However, for any startup 300.000 dollars, today for a high turn overrate product based company such as fashion is really not a lot.

    Maybe LVMH prize will not select you but the idea for you young designer to submit to the competition is a good thing and you should sign up for as many competition as you can. I did not do it and regret it today. Today I do my sauce on youtube and I like my individuality. I don’t try as hard but I do want to achieve my goal and be a creator and inventor as well as a CEO and employee. I want that multi facette. But as soon as my product is done. I will do as many trade shows and competition such as LVMH as I can.

    Let’s be honest I would be so glad if I was a winner of the LVMH prize or part of the adventure. I am sure I will meet someone who will tell me I am in theLVMH prize and not you. Whatever, I am not jealous so #dontcare.






    IF you have a fashion startup or want to have your own brand you can

    1- Network with the higher position of the industry. Like Anna Wintour, all of the successful blogger, Irman Amed from #BOF , LVMH executive ….

    Even if you don’t get anything out of it those people know and have a trace that you were here or even applied online. Every year the LVMH does an open call for submission like here:


    2- It is really good for you to have some cash flow as well as coverage. More important than social media and magazine that are extremely important in our industry or industries. It is critical to have the cash flow or reserves for your startup to continue to live. If you don’t get into the select club of LVMH start small and build as you go. Every night apply to grant all over the world. Call and hustle during your launch break. Or at 1 am when you are waking up at 6 Am like me with this blog.

    3- Try to be sponsorize and find someone who will take you under their wings which is indispensable in this industry.

    4- It is really good for you to follow it from far like I just did or as a candidate because it will help you to know what huge group and people are looking at right now. For example this year 2019 there is way more Menswear I found that I ever saw and Genderneutral. Those are detailed that tells you where and what the industry is looking at. 

    That is it. I wanted to show you what those creative and entrepreneur like me and you are doing. You are the entrepreneur of your own life. I wanted as well to tell you what you can do to help your business and design.


    See you with the #youtubevideo and another blog post.
    Don’t forget to follow and subscribe:

    on Instagram:


    See you love I did everything myself what a piece of work. I hope you liked it. Don’t forget to subscribe on the blog and youtube to not miss any news.

    Love you

    Lea M





    Finally, I can write a blog post about the Hyper Adapt 1.0. Nike is one of the best company in the 20th and 21st century. The symbol of amazing Marketing, constant innovation and lived up the slogan.

    After, the most expensive sneaker sold in the world that we will be exposed later in the evolution that Nike has always offered to the world of fashion and sport in general. Nike decides to bring wearable luxury and innovation to people.

    The Hyper Adapt 1.0 is the first of a long series to arrive in your closet. I would like to start by letting you know that this is a stepping stone in the industry of wearable and innovation.

    In fact, those shoes have a particular story they were first thought out in 2008. More than 10 years in the making and dozens of prototype. First, thought out by Tim Hatfield, a designer in the top secret innovation Nike Lab. One of the most secret place on the planet. 31 Pairs of air jordans and at his left side, Tiffany Beer senior innovation engineer. The idea was born during a brainstorming session like what Hatfield would like to have an; “adaptable performance.”

    In 2005 Hatfield and Beer that the technology was advanced enough to make self-lacing shoes for athletic shoes. If you do research NBA players Have to have extremely tight shoes. On the other hand, when you are walking in your everyday life you have to have a balance between the loose and the tight. Medical studies have proven that if your feet start to hurt your whole body gets affected.

    The hyper adapt concept will put everyone into an athletic as well as a good medical condition for walking in your day to day life. Multi-task sneakers and the first one of his kind. In 2007, Beer became an expert in a battery. The design team as well as the engineering team where working hand in hand.

    Her effort resulted in a patent 8,046,937. It took another five years in order to create a perfect auto-lacing system. She could source lithium polymer battery that powers both the battery and the LED.

    It takes 3 hours to charge and last up to two weeks. 

    In 2015, the first shoes were ready put into woven polyester which reduced stress on the machine. And a special design had to finally begin.

    Those shoes came in color Black, White, and Gray. The lace is fully visible with nylon band in order for the athlete or the fashionista to see them tighten and loose as well as fell it and made the device totally interactive. An interactive part of your body in order to find the perfect balance throughout your day.


    The milestone in the industry to offer a competitive price happened. The Hyper Adapt 1.0 started, started at 720. However, now you can find them at affordable prices online such as 415.00$ or the white at a more competitive price.

    As their Name suggest Hyper Adapt 1.0 is the first of a long series of Nike evolution. The Hyper Adapt 2.0 is supposed to be out during the year 2019. Stay tuned and you can enjoy those discount and amazing shoe who is just starting to flood the market and bring fashion and technology to everyone along with the internet of things.



    Thank you to wait for my collaborative shop to be set up.


    Stay tune for our video in the next post that followed by the other one.


    How to make a successful product launch with Launchmetric the company that I am obsess with

    How to make a successful product launch with Launchmetric the company that I am obsess with

    Should I say Hello or just jump into the subject… How are you guys I missed you lost in school machine learning and two other things and a bullshit job but I guess my second business will be based on it? I hope this one work maybe it will not. I don’t know. This is a blog post, not an article and today I want to talk about a company that I love since 2017. I applied got rejected. I never work where I want to work for some reasons.

    Launchmetrics merged with two other companies that of course, we will make you discover.

    Which are:

    The two founders are: Eddie Mullon: Instagram 

    Michael Jaïs: twitter.

    However, for now, we will focus on Launchmetric. As well as, how data will change the industry and how knowledge can empower your business, product or service.

    OMG, we have to also catch with the biggest death of the year for the fashion industry the Kaiser Karl is dead. As he used to say, ” fashion is like a train that waits for nobody, you have to jump on it or you miss it and it’s gone.” I guess it is the fact. However, there are 9 trains a year for fashion alone so if your timing is not right you can always jump on it. OR you create your own train.


                                        WHAT IS LAUNCHMETRICS?

    Launchmetrics is a fashion marketing platform that merges fashion and technology in order to help, brands and designer make better campaign choices as well as better products launch.

    In a more than competitive landscape, we are not even at the competition stage anymore. We are in a chaotic landscape where everyone has a spill. Companies like Launchmetrics become very handy.

    Data have had a chaotic two years especially with the facebook Russian scandals but we have been using data since the 60. It is just that tech allows us to make mathematical projects that are more accurate than ever.

    Working with the biggest fashion company for retail as well as brands. Such as Dior, Net a Portet, Levis,… From FASHION TO BEAUTY which is why I really wanted to work for them for a couple of years like Google because they embody everything.

    This product platform is an open door for future sales. Indeed, if you target your right market it is easier to know if your innovation has a potential market with a large database or no.

    I have read a lot over the years that success is rented and the rent is due every day. That is partially true and companies like Launchmetrics are the pure example of that. Because also success calls success. If Beyonce where not famous and commercial she would not fill stadiums. Do you follow me?

    I have heard countless of time. That I will never make money, that I will never be successful. I did some mistakes that is true. For example, I let my current job be not right with me. I should have set the bar straight. When they told me this is an entry-level position I should have not to stay quiet. I should have told the two women on the spot are you kidding me??? Don’t you see on my resume one of the best schools in the world? Don’t you read at least one year in visual retail for a year and seven years of experience? (since I started working in College.)

    Instead, I just wanted my green card and be employed in my industry. Now when people are like you should settle. I am like nope. My family made a huge sacrifice to get us here. I made a huge sacrifice to get myself here with an impeccable work ethic and skills. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Why ? why would I settle? for what reasons? Success is first and foremost a science.

    • And anyone who wants to succeed will do so.


    Companies like Launchmetrics set the tone for your current launch as well as the following products for your company and it is crucial to do so. You have to educate your customer as well as you have to know what your customer demand from you. That sounds like an easy task but on a  world scale, it is not that easy.

    • The parameters put by Launchmetrics become essentials.

                                              How Does Launchmetrics works?

    Launchmetrics is a company that divides its services into three categories. Those really all work for the fashion brand marketing.

    You have one part that connects your company with the right  “influencers”. Which is a term that I disagree with because the bottom line is people that help you sell? Consequently, it should be more appropriate to call them marketers.

    The only difference is that we used to have a huge marketing campaign. Now we still have that and people that present you a side of their LIFE to you that you follow and presents your products that speaks to them and speaks to their community.

    The role of Launchmetrics is based on their data software and reach to connect your company service and product with the influencer that is susceptible to have the right impact for you.

    THIS IS A VERY VALUABLE SERVICE. It is not because you are an influencer that everything will be a hit. They have a large database for those influencers. Not every company can afford to pay 100.000$ for a post-campaign. Is it better to have a post placement ? or a youtube video?

    All of those questions have to be valued and when you plunge into it the question become way more complex than I have a new fashion line lets find an influencer.


    ( this graphic design was not created by or me Lea M, it was directly taken from the Launchmetrics website:

    2 Launch products to the market:

    It installs a continuation with the marketing campaign of the product and sees how the product is doing across all of the sealing platforms worldwide.

    ( this graphic design was not created by or me Lea M, it was directly taken from the Launchmetrics website:

    This has some major advantages:

    •  It gives you clear data to improve your strategy on a world map which happens to be pretty vast. It gives you an instant plan of reaction to adapt and put into action in different parts of the world. Your Asian market will not have the same marketing strategy as your us market.

    However, a good popular example is Nike. They have an app as well as us campaign the last one is stunning. WATCH IT For calling ambitions of woman crazy or people dreams crazy as well as the amazing successful Chinese campaign.

    This will allow you as well to prepare your next product and see which country you will have to focus on.

    • You also have Contact management emails
    • ( this graphic design was not created by or me Lea M, it was directly taken from the Launchmetrics website:
    • Digital and technological events management


    • Digital showroom: which is extremely important because your image can be used over and over all over the world. I don’t know if you are aware of the history of modern fashion. But the center of MODERN fashion used to be Paris post-war. France has a long long fashion history that I will cover another day because I want this article to be relevant, about Laucnhmetrics and what it can do for you. BUT rich people used to fly to Paris twice or once a year stay for the messages and then go back to their country. That’s how America literal discovered Coco Chanel and made her a star even before the French did with the little black dress.

    ( this graphic design was not created by or me Lea M, it was directly taken from the Launchmetrics website:

    • Now fashion shows have almost their collection out for the runway and then the next week is a market week. THAT IS WHY TELLING RUNWAY IS REALLY WRONG IN FASHION BECAUSE FASHION IS WHOLE. RUNWAY, ESSEYAGE, MARKET WEEK… Only Prada is one of the few houses where you have to wait a month to be able to buy the collection wholesale.


    • CONCLUSION this service by Launchmetrics ease your Runway apparition but an instant data analysis from all influencers over the world in order to get your Market week more performance which is where you start making money because you see who is gonna buy your collection in wholesale and what is the reaction of your potential customer in life on different social media platform.
    •               How can they increase the productivity of your brand?


    • Pr Monitoring: which is also taking care of influencers as well as the brands to thrive during fashion week.
    • Campaign Media Reports; which is what Launchmetrics called MIV which I did not know what it was since I got reject how to know.

    It is, in fact, MEDIA IMPACT VALUE algorithm that works. Which is all about client clarity and match the right influencer with the right brand in order to get the biggest MIV.

    For example, we know thanks to Launchmetrics that the Givenchy dress wore at the Royal Wedding represented 7% MIV and that this represented in total value 22.6 Million for Givenchy in terms of dollars. Due to a high volume of coverage for the royal wedding as well as popularize the brand with audiences unfamiliar with fashion protocol.

                         CONCLUSION THAT YOU CAN APPLY FOR YOU

    I literally spend around six hours (minimum) writing this article creating graphic design and reading reports in order to break it down for you. Now I really did that because I do believe that company like Launchmetrics are pioneer into an approach that will have to exist and evolve.

    As well, if you want to open a business of your own whether you already have one or you are in school or in a shitty job wanting so bad with all of your blood cells make something impactful out of your life and make a lot of money with it. Companies like Launchmetrics are a prime example of that. As well they show you that trunk show and posting content are good but they are not all of it. That there is an ENTIRE SCIENCE around that.

    To conclude I would really say that companies like that choose the science of success and whenever you or your company can start to afford it go there because it will help you thrive.


    Launchmetrics worked with extremely renowned companies. Like it appears really clear that they are a B2 B business to business their costumes are influencers or brands. Those are pretty much all of the LVMH panels with FENDI, GIVENCHY, DIOR, LOUIS VUITTON… Then retail such as Net a porter or Burberry, GIVENCHY, ADIDAS, TIFFANY AND CO.



    PS: I did not want to write a long article because people are not a super reader and then I was like nope it is not true watch BECOMING from MICHELLE!!!! I really worked super hard to bring you value and cover everything that Launchmetrics is.
    Please visit their website. Launchmetric raised 50 Million dollars in venture capital and  created an interactive website with part of the new budget so go take a look: