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One of the kind

One of the kind

Hello world

Let’s set the tone straight for a minute.
I am not an influencer. Stop sending me things to do jewelry or others or ask me to be part of your influencer program.

I am a designer, due to years of experience of being a founder and having the start-up culture experience I grew in business as well for seed funding, plans, pivot, scrum so on and so forth. Not folklore business with the word hanging there.

1.5 years ago I received my work permit and I accepted a position where I was overqualified because I wanted to show that I was employable for my interview. I paid for my failing fees. Lawyers and extension under this current presidency.
I never even knew that people could be paid that low in my entire life.
If you have time to waste to do looser shades I don’t. I came to this country by myself. Find a host family myself who had 10 girls before and after me, I am the only one today with a green card. And if you think this is a coincidence or luck you are vastly mistaken.

“The be comparing me

I was not made twice.”

Riles U better Listen

I work so hard since age 13 to put myself into an IVY league high school of art where I have to work even harder with 15 hours more than the other kids. With ART HISTORY PHILOSOPHY ( 8 hours a week) PHILOSOPHY OF ART, ART, APPLIED ART, DESIGN on top of all the other usual subjects. It meant staying with the same class for three years. Then on top of my baccalaureate which equals three credits in the USA college alone, I did Concours all over France and applied to only two US colleges on my own. I got a scholarship dean and international. My parents helped me out because you have to show that you have a certain amount in CASH FOR FOUR YEARS for your school and living. I started working and got my first marketing job two years before graduation. I kept my scholarship to an IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL IN DESIGN AS WELL. Won a competition and instead of the money, I did what I always do I invested in coding classes.
I AM talking about years of train work ethic. I am talking about talent. I am talking about sustaining and growing talent. FOR YEARS.

” Lot of rats in my city but this ain’t nothing new”

Riles: U better listen


Once you know a language you pick up the other. I have worked for billions of dollar companies without the proper documentation. To all of my international friends, I am the only one who stayed.

“There’s just a lot of wannabes and many look-alikes

English my second tongue”

Riles U better Listen

I am about to have a fourth one.

AGAIN. SO I know the GETTO. However, we are not gonna going to talk unless it is for what I am qualified for and 100 k before taxes. TO START.

Why because we will do UX AND UI at least that is what I want. On top of building a product that will generate money, I will build the second pipeline of money within the product. It is a low cost for high revenue.
Once you know your craft and what you are doing with all due respect you know how much is at stake for you. Which is the present case here.

I have two months.

” I am tired of yall, Imma just go my way.”

Riles: U better Listen

Because I have had all situations that you can think of but I am not staying in ghetto place where they know how much they are giving us and It is not enough and they want cheap labor and this is not what I have worked for in my life. It is always better to have a bad job than no job but in two months it will be leverage to were I should be by now.

If I wanted to be just famous or have an extraordinary following quick and fast no offense I would be doing nudes and dance in front of a camera on a pole. I am not here to judge anyone. It is a reality. I woulda quick belly surgery which I will be doing in 2020 and I am good I got the rest of the material.

BUT I DON’T because I want to share what I create for a year and a half continue with my patent and companies and set my third stream of income.

So the excuses, the scams, the BS, the shade will not be accepted. Don’t start to compare. Where there is no comparison I was not made twice. I am putting myself into a good spot. NO OFFENSE BUT THIS IS a DIFFERENT HUSTLE and I am getting ready for the best of my life. AND I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.
So: world, people, friends, and family.

I am rolling with my unit as usual and Romain since kinder garden and my two only other friends in this country. GOOD LUCK AND LET’S CONTINUE TO BUILT A COMMUNITY. It starts to pick up on as much as in UX

“Yay I said, on my own. ”

Riles- U better Listen

I don’t do gigs I do a career. I am not a rapper I am not an influencer. I am not in here for your grammar which I do have better than some native speaker to begging with. I am not here to please you. I am not here to help you without you helping me to as well. I am not here for your undercover racist remarks and you better pray to have a french accent and talk at my English level because you have no idea of the asset it is. And an EXCELLENT WORLD RENOWNED & European training.

I am not here to entertain you with unnecessary drama. I am not here to talk crap about the world. Little elementary school petty, catty things are not being experienced by those I just mention and me we outgrew that if you didn’t your problem. I am not here for your ghetto ass mentality and ghetto ass period. I am not in here for your bum talk and your excuses and fake explanation. IF you were not raised to respect people in this civilization to begging with don’t talk. Start being raised.

And for now on I am not going to even talk about anything or anyone but the one I just mentioned above because there are only them who matter. However, for the rest unnecessary. I appreciate my life. It is much better than a movie. I love people. I love receiving value from people and give them value. The rest does not matter. SO IF YOU want to pollute your life and your brain with the shade. Or talking smack about other people. Or comparing meanwhile its not even the same grind. We will not even share a glimpse of a moment. It is negative. Nothing good for both parties can come out of that.

“Been tryanna get acknowledge by the great ones

WHY everybody sleeping but the real ones?”

Riles- You better listen

I don’t need to say I am this or that because those are the wannabe and I am. I was not made twice.

I manifest what I am thinking and I know I am putting my energy into good things to manifest them. SO don’t waste your time and mine.
Going to get the money and the job I deserve in the first place and finishing my UXD slides for today. I hope I will have some time to code VUI. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND GREAT END OF THE YEAR.




First, you got to see it and then you got to say it. You have to feel it and mean it. We are not faking it until we make it stay fake. I am good. I am like; this, is it? That’s it and there is no other way around it.



Good luck! IF you are looking for us before China we are in Sylicon Alley


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