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After a decade rooming in fashion schools and in coding and data sciences classes and workshop. Lea Mairet decided to found a blog that combines and two passions and areas of studies into one blog and youtube channel. In order to discuss and talk about to the community about the best products that will improve your life. We love products that are tune in and follow a nice evolution curve.

Luxury is history, refinement, and savoir-faire. We believe it is also about improving your life. This time period is the technological revolution and we would like to share it with you.


In the meantime SERVICES that we offer: 

Pricing & Services

.Consultation Session: Conducted in person or via Skype or Zoom at

230 $.

. Research Papers: between 10K to 15 K. (Depending on the business demand.)

. Key Note Speaking; and Public Speaking: 2K to 5K

. Patents & Innovation Ideas: Co Filling and Shared Licensed Fees Between the Companies  30K to 35K for a 12 years rights and relationships.

.Media Partnerships: please inquire

.Runway Shows: 5K to 10K Depends on the technology added.

. Story Telling though DATA Flipping  into profit: 15K to 20K


WE WILL MAKE IT CLEARER AND CODE A CONTACT BOX IN THE meantime please do a kind copy and paste to BOOK WITH US: