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    • How to make a successful product launch with Launchmetric the company that …

      How to make a successful product launch with Launchmetric the company that I am obsess with


    How To Have A Better Life Style ? Tory Burch Timing is Everything On Luxury Tech Apparel

    How To Have A Better Life Style ? Tory Burch Timing is Everything On Luxury Tech Apparel

    Hello Guys!

    How are you this is another youtube video on Tory Burch Smartwatches.

    I wanted to introduce you the product on youtube. There are two other models that went out since then. This video focus on:

    -How does it work

    -What does it do for you?

    -How it will serve you and help your lifestyle.

    It was such a pleasure to do this video it took more time than I expected but it is worth it. I hope you will enjoy it and it will add value to your life as a product.

    See you soon into another post.


    Hex Tie The Evolution Of The Tie 

    Hex Tie The Evolution Of The Tie 

    This blog post contains affiliate links :


    What is this product?

    This product is the evolution of the tie. We all know the connection behind the traditional tie. When we check ties there are no exceptions to products and like any of them they evolve.I am so excited to introduce you to it because it is a real evolution.

    It works by a clip on and you are all set with a modern look.

    If you want to look sleek and modern this will be your go to and it will save you time.

    It is made out polymer clips on.

    Enrique Alejandro Peral reinvented the old tie.

    What does it do for you? 

    It is a modern tie that will help you save you Time and look really modern. I don’t think that you will not arrive at the office with a 16century model. Luxury tech apparel sponsors and vouchers for evolution. It is the same thing for the tie.

    Hextie will be your go too.

    What is your choice? 

    You will have the choice of gold, red, blue, silver, black and bow tie.

    It is very important for you to go around and chose the one that would represent you. I invite you to take this leap and to change your look. There are not many things that I am sure however I can say to you that when I change my look people look at me differently. If you look head you are going to get those deals that will allow you to look ahead. It is fashionable it is a Maya product. That is to say most advance and yet acceptable. This will help you to put your life head.

    As well I cannot argue that this will help you save you time. You just have a clip to worry.

    As well it will save you money. You do not need to wash it like a regular tie. You will have to wash it quickly like polymer does. It will last you forever and anyone knows my love for forever objects. What an investment. Would you spend between 200$ to 60 $ for a forever product? My answer would be yes.

    To conclude: 

    I wish that you are going to take on this evolution of the tie in order for you to have a lifetime investment, as well as, save you time and help you look ahead of your time and I can assure you this is what you want if you are in a game.


    Product Review On Youtube About The Snapchat Spectacles Sunglasses

    Product Review On Youtube About The Snapchat Spectacles Sunglasses

    This is a video that is a product review of the spectacles sunglasses. I hope it will help you understand this product better. I broke the video review down into three parts to make it easier.

    1- The Set Up

    2-The innovation

    3- How is it going to help you

    Everything will be in the video here for you and help you. We believe that products can improve your life and this is what we are working towards.

    Please let us know how you liked it! Feel free to leave a comment

    Love Lea


    3 Printing A Costumer Obsess Business

    3 Printing A Costumer Obsess Business






    Dress Iris Van Herpen Collection


    What is 3 D printing?
    3 D printing is the translation of a digital file into a material file. The creation of a 3D printed object is made thanks to an additive process
    What is 3D printing?
    The creation of 3D printed object is made thanks to an additive process. A computer software can help you create a Cad design. The 3D printing machine is made of a subtractive process. It allows an easy manufacturing process.You can produce complex shape and totally functional.
    Instead of using more material like the traditional method it uses less material in less time. The additive manufacturing process solidifies objects that take any shapes possible. Compare to the traditional methods the computer programs allows your imagination and your wildest creativity to take shapes. We could see that in some collections made by Iris van Herpen. Where the 3D printed clothes are more architectural and artistic. Any visions can translate from a 3 d printed object. From the wildest creative one to the common object we found in the store. There is so much room for creativity.

    Dress Iris Van Herpen 

    How to make it?
    There is a program that you can learn in a class or totally for free in my ebook if you wish to download it. You can draw your creation on a cad design and it will translate print thanks to the additive manufacturing.
    It is an extremely easy process to learn and the most important to make it in the 3 D printing business from what I understood is your business plan and if you really deeply understand what it is about.

    Dress Iris Van Herpen 

    What does that allow?
    You can buy a 3D printer and create your own product and sell them. The first working 3D printer was developed at MIT in 1993.
    The general principle is that it allows the computer Cad drawing to take a physical form.It is a little bit of magic but there is magic in what we don’t really understand. The CAD pardons me to not have explained earlier in the computer software that allows your creation to take form. It is based on a 3D model but you do not need to know how to draw in order to start using it.
    You will need to look for errors in the cad file before printing. The process of 3D printing are layers added up to each other in order to form a material object. You can choose a different material for the different effect it does not have to be plastic.

    After the CAD you will usually run a prototype version. Your prototype and printing will be really sleek depending on the quality of the printer. An inexpensive printer will not give the same effect as an expensive printer.

    New Balance Shoes 


    How 3D printing entered the world of fashion?
    3 D printing is not yet vastly common but it is entering in the world of fashion. Name brand such as Adidas, Nike for athletic shoes. For example, Nike did a football athletic from bags to shoes. This proves the quality and the capacities that 3D printing offers.

    Nike Football 
    Adidas did a 3D printing, athletic and daily life/ pret a porter collection. For examples, the futurecraft 4D are partially 3D printed according to 3D The sneakers are made from ocean recycled waste. As 3D printing continues to allow the costumer obsess and personal customer to customer process it will reshape the footwear industry. Will this shoes Adidas is starting to reshape the future.

    Adidas 4D Future Craft 

    Why is 3D printing good for fashion?

    As the example of Adidas showed, it can be good for the environment. It can be plastics but can be made out of so many types of material. You will have to do a little bit of research on that. This blog will as well help you along the way as we will also talk about new materials on the market that are as important as spandex.
    In the informative e-book, there is two flow chart that shows you the strategy that 3D printing offers. You are able to download it here. You can build a costumer obsess business. You can start from your bedroom if you want to because of it costumer to customer model.
    You can ask for your customer to upload a picture of their feet and built a prototype based on their own foot. Or any part of their body as a matter of fact. It is an attractive business for people who like personal things and there is a market for it. You will be able to find the whole strategy in my e-book on Why 3D printing is a costumer obsess business.
    Then, we will also review the novelty in the supply chain which will allow you to have a rapid delivery. However, it is really good for the fashion industry at all levels.

    Nervous system 


    3 D printing is not a disruptive business, and you do not want to be disruptive. I agree with Peter Thiel from Zero To One, you do not want to be disruptive as a business. We misunderstand disruption and niche. Indeed, Paypal did not intend to disrupt the credit card business or western union chain; same for vavoom. They just intend for example to find their niche where their product can solve a particular problem. Such as eBay or Alibaba transaction between two sellers or a seller and costumer; or two individual exchanging money with each other. Same goes for 3D printing. It does not intend to revolutionize the supply chain or the entire customer relationship industry. You have to take advantage of what it offers as a product for a specific niche.
    I would like to conclude with the words of Vanessa Friedman fashion director and chief of fashion critics says the 3D printing “says 3D printing will have a significant value for companies down the road especially since it transformed into a printed yourself for shoppers.” ” there is a real sense that it is not going to happen anytime soon. But it will happen and it will create a dramatic change about how we think about intellectual propriety and how things are in the supply chain.”

    Nervous system 

    Nervous System

    Post scriptum: You can already patent 3D printing however it is more common in the industrial design industry.

    Nervous System Dress 


    This note contains affiliate links from


    Made by Anouk Wipprecht

    3 D printed Dress Source Unknowed If you know it please leave it in the comment below.



    My Story Why I started Luxury Tech Apparel What is your story ?

    My Story Why I started Luxury Tech Apparel What is your story ?

    Coming into the USA from France




    This video was hard to do it is about my story and how I came to make Luxury Tech Apparel and why as well. It was hard to make but I could do it. Please let me know guys what is your story too.This video is about my story. I explained why I came to the USA. Dream transformed into action and decisions can be true. My last video explains why I decided to open Luxury Tech Apparel. All of this in order to introduce you more to what this blog. This is a blog dedicated to fashion and technology where we review and analyze products.

    Love Lea


    The 10 Best Fitbit For You

    The 10 Best Fitbit For You

    In this article, we will see the 10 best Fitbit. This blog post contains affiliates links. We choose for you the 10 best Fitbit that can suit any tastes and fashionable healthy lifestyle.
    We choose 10 absolutely adorable Fitbit for you to be able to have a better lifestyle and potentially improve your life spend.

    1-Fitbit Charge 2 HR Heart Rate+Fitness wrist Band

    The Fitbit Charge 2 HR is probably one of the most popular on the market that will give you the statistics and data for your work out.

    What does the Fitbit 2 HR do?

    Convenient features:
    Pulse heart rate monitor that will give you your personal data in order to improve your lifestyle.
    Personalized type of exercises in real time with your statistics on display.
    It is the way to track your cardio and fitness level.
    Display your heart rate in real time exercises.
    How does it improve your lifestyle?
    – It will allow you to have your heart rate data
    – As well as your heart rate data during your exercise
    – It will be able to track your sleep
    – Extremely easy to use
    – Display your data
    – Synchronize and capture your sleep data and you will be able to see your patterns.
    -Set bedtime reminders
    – log for napping
    – Track your sleep stages if you wake up in the middle of the night
    Everything for you to start to have a better and healthier life.


    2- Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

    The Fitbit Blaze is a smartwatch that helps you get the most out of your workout and fitness routine every day of your life.

    What does the Fitbit Blaze Do?

    This smartwatch can track your
    -Heart pulse
    -automatic exercise recognition
    -smartphone connection
    -music features
    -Stay connected with text messages and calls.
    How to set it up?

    The Fitbit Blaze synchronize easily to your devices.
    The Fitbit work out high res colors.


    How does it improve your lifestyle?

    The Fitbit Blaze does recognize all type of exercises
    Track all types of exercises
    Automatically track your sleep patterns
    There is a heart pulse tracker as well.
    It helps you stay connected even during your workout
    It is one of the best Fitbit on the market.
    Lasting battery.

    3- Fitbit Alta HR Black Small

    What do the Fitbit Alta HR Do?

    The fit bit Alta is this very discrete sleek design that can allow you to :
    – Track your activity
    -Track your sleep pattern
    -Display notifications for phone calls during your workout it is really helpful.
    -Can set your workout goals
    – Will track your walk as well
    -You can track your sleep
    -It is an excellent product for the indispensable cardio time.

    How does it improve your lifestyle?

    Alta encourages you to meet your everyday goal set up on the Fitbit application. If you do not it will gently vibrate on your wrist.
    -It tracks your general level of activity and helps you not forgot to be active during your work out as well as in your daily activity such as walking.
    – It will as well improve your sleep patterns.
    All of this over an OELD display that can last up to 8 days in functional battery use.

    4-FitBit Charge HR

    What does the Fitbit Charge HR Do? 

    It is a very simple discrete OLED screen that allows you to be able to track
    Your workout as well as wear It in your everyday life.


    Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication as Leonardo Davinci used to say. very small led display.

    What does the Fitbit charge hr do?

    Heart rate tracker

    Track your exercises

    Track your steps.

    Why is the heart rate tracker the epicenter of the Fitbit charge HR?

    The heart rate tracker the epicenter of this product. It starts immediately gathering your heart rate data. Which is really helpful for all the cardio focus exercises or cardiovascular problems. You just have to tap into the display in heart rate mode. It will also collect the data into applications. This application connects to third-party applications and sends you into the Fitbit ecosystem which is pretty great. The application is able to give you a summary of the data collected for your heart rate as well as your work out. It is being rated as one of the best data collections.

    How does it improve your lifestyle?


    Are a few dollars to prevent you from being sick is worth it? Well yes is the only common sense answer here.

    Has the best tracker for heart rate.

    Eventually, if you are suffering from cardiovascular problems or want to prevent it this product is one of the best to have.

    5-Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness watch

    What does the Fitbit Blaze do?

    -Connected GPS
    – Heart Rate
    -Fitstar work out tracker which is a step by step workout instruction
    -Simplified work zone during your work-out
    How does it improve your lifestyle?
    -Gps system that is really helpful during your workout
    – Heart rate system
    -Simplified workout method
    -Automatic recognition
    All of this into one simple extremely well design watch

    6-Fitbit Charge 2 band Milanese Adjustable Stainless

    What Does The Fitbit charge Battery two does for you?

    It is an adjustable magnetic closure
    Their function is mostly esthetic as we saw the function previously in the
    Fitbit Charge 2.
    Ensure your watch steady and secure.
    No scratch
    Compatible with the fit bit charge 2
    You just unplug the bracelet and slide them back in and you have the
    Stainless Milanese adjustable strap.
    It is compatible with the Fitbit charge two
    Magnet adjustable wristband.

    How does it improve your lifestyle?

    – Heart tracker
    – Exercise tracker
    -Long Lasting Battery
    -Fashionable Bracelet
    – Italian Watch Styling
    – Magnetic closure
    Metal adaptable with any Fitbit band comes in four colors which are very
    Helpful to make a decision.

    7- Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch

    What does the Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch do?

    – Optical heart rate sensors
    – Phone Notifications
    – Tracking GPS
    – Personal Data collection and prediction available base on your data you
    Can come to your own conclusion and interpretation.
    – Heart rate measurement via sensors
    -Heart rate collection data
    How does it Improve your lifestyle?
    – Smartwatch but does not support email
    – Heart rate collection

    How does it improve your lifestyle? 

    – The Gps is really the main feature on this Fitbit which is really helpful
    During outdoors workout.
    You can never be lost. Believe me, this is helpful during hiking times or other types of
    – There is a phone gap to track your messages and phone calls
    – Collection of heart rate data that can lead you to certain prevision which
    Are an excellent way to stay healthy and improve your health in order to
    Prevent sickness.

    8- Elobeth For Fitbit Fashion Accessory

    What Does Elobeth For Fitbit Fashion Accessory Do?

    – Starts immediately gathering your heart rate data
    – Display your heart rate in the node.
    -Tell your target zone.
    -Calculate your exercise.
    -The device also connects to a third party application
    (Like most of the fit bit).
    – Sleep tracker

    How does it improve your lifestyle?

    – Fashionable jewelry like device, however, this one can be categorized as
    Smart jewelry.
    – The best data collector
    – Discrete and still able to give you your result through an app this is one
    Of my personal favorite.
    – The battery is up to five days, however, can last 8 days in function of the use.

    9- Fitbit Flex Wireless activity plus

    What does the Fitbit Flex Wireless Do?
    – Track the distance
    -Track the calorie burn
    – Track how you stand in function of your personal goal.
    – Light simple use.
    – Track your sleep via active minute how long do you sleep
    -Let you draw your goals

    How does the Fitbit Flex Improve your Lifestyle?

    – Battery lasts up to five days
    – Very simple and sophisticated use
    – Almost invisible and sophisticated design
    – Improve your workout
    -Improve your sleep awareness.

    10- Fitbit one wireless activity plus sleep-tracker Burgundy

    What does the Fitbit one wireless activity plus sleep tracker do?

    -Track your sleep
    – Track your workout
    -Track your steps
    -Track your distance
    -Track your calorie burn

    How does it improve your lifestyle?

    -Invisible on the skin you attach it to your clothing under your shirt
    – Extremely discrete
    – Convenient little object that you can always have on you
    -Help weight loss
    – Help with sleep pattern.

    A little video that i did for it <3


    My First Youtube Video In My Life

    My First Youtube Video In My Life






    Hi Guys,

    This is my first Youtube Video where I basically explain why luxury tech apparel. I also review the book tune in that is the principle of this blog. We review products and companies and explain how it works discuss the future and how this will help the fashion industry or the wearable industry. My next video will be an introduction of myself to let you know a little bit who you are discussing with and my third video we can really start with the review of the spectacle. I would also like to talk about the blogosphere ( it is also tech related and I am a blogger as well.).
    I hope you will like it the quality is really bad but I am going to get better at it. I did not want you to miss out on the content guys.  One thousand and one crash later we are here. Thank you, I hope that we will have a great time together.



    The Unseen A Color Story That You Need To Know In Luxury Tech Apparel

    The Unseen A Color Story That You Need To Know In Luxury Tech Apparel

    I appeal to your trust! You absolutely to know this company just for your imagination. You thought that making clothing that could change color naturally was magic. Well, it is real magic here. Me too I am a fan of Harry Potter and well the life here is real. It all started out with Laura Bowker studying textile and getting really ill. She then went into chemistry in order to change the world of pain.


    She came up with the idea of visualizing things that we do not see. People could not intensify or comprehend the state of pain that she felt during a spine injury. She was determined to visualize it. One of her project in chemistry was a jacket that could carbon emission that the body could absorb each day. The project then evolves into a piece of a compound that could translate the environment thought pieces of a feather. Each piece of a feather could change color in regard to the environment. What an evolution could you imagine?


    The product then evolved extremely graciously into a jacket that would respond to UV, heat, … by changing color. Indeed, after working for formula one she created a compound that changes color.

    Along with that, she created a jacket with hand-stitched leather. What you don’t see the air pressure in the atmosphere comes right behind your shoulder and create a turbulence. This turbulence behind your shoulder creates a sort of friction. The compound that she created can allow us to see this friction by a color change.

    Now, let’s stop a minute can you imagine that this compound that she has created allows us to see the unseen of our everyday life? To know that such a thing is possible is just simply amazing. Me I am here to help you develop and enlarge your horizon and show you that everything is possible. This company is the pure example of that.



    This jacket is not controllable the compound obey natural laws such as; air pollution, UV, heat, friction, sound… that allow your jacket to change color.

    It is echoing to the fact that when the CEO of the company was sick and nobody could see it. This is why the company is called. This refers to the idea of seeing what you cannot see. Can you imagine how inspiring this is for the human race? Nobody can claim in any century prior to this one I work with a clothing that changes color in function of the weather. How does that inspire you to create amazing thing?

    Data collection

    This product evolution does not stop there Laura Bowker worked with a weather forecast to create a jacket that could change its color in function of the season. This is a real evolution of the product. She basically collected the data of the weather for the next five year and created a jacket that could change color.

    In the winter it is blue.

    In the spring it is green.

    In the summer it is read

    In the fall it is black


    I actually want to underline the imagination and the rarity of the product. It is one of the few if not the only one that has been created totally from a compound and not an electronic device. That is the reason why I adopt totally her point of view in magic. Not as a magical witch even though this is what it looks like. However as a beautiful magical narrative of what color can do and how color surrounds our lives.

    How and what does impact a color.

    It will help you improve your life. This is a major human improvement that I believe everyone should take pride in being part of.

    It is purely amazing in the evolution of the product as well as a benefice. Can you imagine if people in pain or with brain loss that cannot communicate we could actually see their pain level though color? Can you imagine having a jacket that changes the function of the season? Nobody could pretend of such a rarity and extraordinary achievement before that.

    The product

    From this product idea, she has created a series of product from scarf to bags and case etc … that is on sale in her online store. The price is absolutely amazing totally affordable. Personally, when the bag comes back it’s on my list of things to have. It is an extraordinary invention and I hope that you had as much pleasure reading that I had studying this company.


    – a company of magic

    -started with a jacket that tracked carbon emission

    – created a compound that could change color in function of element and circumstance

    – it is an imaginative innovative company

    -it is a rarity and a field of magic you do not need any technology to change your color

    – totally natural

    -worked with a weather forecast to change the season

    – will help you see and track all of the things. That you are aware of

    – it is so imaginative that you will want to be a little bit part of it


    Looking to improve your Yoga Work- Out? Wearable X is here to help you 

    Looking to improve your Yoga Work- Out?  Wearable X is here to help you 

         Looking to improve your Yoga Work- Out?

                Wearable X is here to help you

    What is wearables X ? 

    Founded by Billie Whitehouse. She already started her career in the world of fashion and tech with Funwear that will have its article on the blog. She has been described as the “ Female Elon Musk” of fashion and technology by Sumeet Shah.

    This is not a question that these past few years Billie Whitehouse successfully established her authority in the world of fashion and technology. She is from a family of entrepreneurs, her mother started a fashion business with 1000$ in the bank account. She decided to do something with fashion and use the fashion story telling. As well, from her Ted talk, she decided to also do something that she called: “ intelligent”. Maybe something more practical with a deeper meaning.

    She created Wearable X with the garment Nadi X which is a wearable that improves your yoga work-out.

    Wearable X brings your Yoga teacher right to your home. Now, I am not doing Yoga I am running.  However, all the people that I meet who are doing it. It is really almost a sacred activity for them. I can just begging to imagine what this product will do for you. It is the woven technology with sensors that provide vibrations that would correct your yoga poses.


    What is Woven Technology? 

    It is a new fabric made out fiber proprieties. It is a light soft textile that enhances performance activities for the most demanding application. It is a new innovative fabric with new fiber composition and new manufacturing techniques. According to “ modern woven fabric in technology” it is key to the new fabric in all technological areas such as; medical, sport…

    The textile is a state of art between flexibility and comfort. Furthermore smart textile requires a lot of engineering and natural science research.

    It is a product and a fabric that aim to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

    The friction that exists between your body and the textile will be able to support the structure and help you have an amazing shape instantaneously.

    It will provide you the best experience for your work out.


    Where Are The Sensors? 

    They have disposed the sensors on the hips, knees, and ankles in order to give you the vibration in key body parts during your work out.

    The sensors are relatively small and not visible which makes the wearables even smarter. In those body part, you won’t feel a thing during your work out.

    Those sensors are directly connected to the mobile device application. It will give you vibrations in function of your pulse.

    They will help you have to enhance the quality of your work out. If you are taking your work-out seriously It is a really good investment.

    I am really a saver by nature but I would prefer to buy a 179$ dollars yoga pants that will help my work-out.

    If you are in a position where you take your work out seriously, It is a great investment.  If you buy the 179$ yoga pants and are going to yoga class every day we are just speaking of 0.49$ a day for the entire year. Which you will keep more than that.

    I think that for me there are no comments. Pants that can do as much as improving my work out experience during your Yoga class as well as at home is really a great product with a great price.

    What is The Design? 

    The design is beautiful. This is at first what I was really attracted to and would not be bothered to wear this pants even outside of the yoga. There is those beautiful structural cut out with sheer fabric. It is extremely popular and the sheer fabric will make you look sexy.

    How do you use it? 

    The Nadi X is really easy to use.

    It is really made to improve your lifestyle and what a luxury to live in such a century. You wear the pants. The fabric gives an excellent support and body structure that is really made for the body enhancement for the body activity.

    I have seen a picture of the sensors and they are relatively smalls.

    You go into google play or in the App Store.

    You download NadiX which is the name of this wonderful yoga pants.

    It will Ask you gently to activate your pulse.

    Then to connect your sensors pulse to your pants.

    You are connected.

    If you have trouble being connected you will have a button saying: “help me get connected”.

    There should not be any problems.

    Become an  Xperimenter ! 


    – It is an amazing product.

    – It is an innovative fabric that will enhance your work out.

    – This fabric will enhance your body shape.

    – There is a great design.

    – The price is a steal.

    -Easy to use with the free work out application.

    NADI X




    Timing is everything
    The smartwatch that will help your life to be smarter.

    It’s not new that Tory Burch is getting out with wearables. We already saw the fit bit collaboration with the brand in 2004. Now you can combine elegance and in a yet acceptable product. When we talk about wearables we have a tendency to let our imagination runway from what you would wear in everyday life. However, this Is not the case with this product. I absolutely adore it because it falls into the category Maya. Most advance yet acceptable.
    The product comes with four models with a stainless steel or pure leather strap. They are beautiful and very chic. The size is remarkably elegant. It is not an invasive watch.
    It comes at a reasonable price point between 300 $ to 250 $. The watch is connected to an intuitive application.

    How does it work?
    You buy the watch pair it with the tory track application.
    You can log into the application via Facebook.
    It will ask for a few pieces of information, like your email and your date of birth etc…
    Then pair the watch with the Bluetooth on your phone smartphone or my phone.
    I personally tried on a Samsung and the whole process was easy and very intuitive and you are good to go.
    It will track your music( I believe), exercises…It is really easy to use. Just a little warning the company ask you your basic private data, that is to say, your date of birth and your age for their own database.
    That is also a sign of the interest that the Tory Burch branch has for her costumer.

    What Does It Do?
    It will track your steps. On how much water do you drink a day. It will remind you of all of those little things that we have a tendency to not take care of.We live in a very fast environment. The internet made it even faster. We can talk in terms of the internet age.
    In that sense when we cannot keep up If we recharge ourselves the same as we charge ourselves we will be in better condition. We have a tendency to forgot where do we put things.

    If we don’t make time to take of ourselves we will have to make the time for sickness. Well, now we have a product that combines elegance and the time to track how much we care for ourselves. The results might surprise you.
    In order to be in good health, we need to do 14.000 steps a day. However, do we really do it daily? Track your steps and sleep time now with the Tory Burch track watch.
    This definitely will help you improve your lifestyle and does really match with the spirit of the brand. In terms of aesthetics as well as in terms of spirit yes.
    Tory Burch is an affordable luxury lifestyle brand and the product is a pure reflection of what the brand is.
    The new approach of matching elegance with wearables is innovative.

    Why is it useful?
    This is the perfect Maya example. Here we will just focus on one product at the time. This post is not an affiliate program it is just the true genuine expression of the love that I have for products.
    Maya means most advanced yet acceptable. Even since the 80 s, we saw the Casio electronic watch. We still have the notion of the watch as the classic example of luxury. Van Cleef & Arpel, Rolex or yet again Cartier are excellence in this domain. However,
    How do you incorporate technology and actual innovation into a savoir-faire ? Here it is the perfect example. It is going to improve your life agenda.
    You will not have to wonder about lifestyle question which is an improvement.
    However, it still has a classic elegant look to it. They went for the classic watch that is still in tune with your cell phone.

    Is it a product We can believe in?
    My answer to the question would be yes for several reasons.
    First of all, the Tory Burch brand is as previously said not unknown to the world of wearables.
    The great things as well with wearables are the fact that; it does have to work with the technology and that means that there is a bigger support from the app, the website and the customer service behind than a dress or a pair of shoes.
    So if there is anything you can be refunded with more ease than any other type of product.

    Then it is again for a female gender and we believe in it. Did you know that physicist predicted that the internet was going to be 70% female which is a huge number? The internet runs on technology and this is a perfect product for a female person based on that data and perspective.
    Finally, I believe in it because it does not lie. The story behind the advertising is really charming. “Dreams really do come true” and then it goes to show you your night sleeping pattern.
    It is elegant and yet affordable in the range of 300 dollars with tax and it sounds like a good investment. Would you spend 300 dollars to improve your lifestyle? Have a better life hygiene and potentially increase my life spend in the long-term? To me yes. And on top of that have an elegant product? Yes, my personal favorite design is the orange one. Please comment on which one of the three is your personal favorite!

    Love you!


    Spectacle sunglasses, Seeing through the lens!How To Record Your Memory

    Spectacle sunglasses, Seeing through the lens!How To Record Your Memory

    How to record your memory?

                                   Spectacle sunglasses, Seeing through the lens!

    Across the web, the opinion is divided between the yeah and naysayers. However, this process is divided into pros and cons.

    We can’t deny that as another advancement and a new bridge between fashion and technology. The glasses are extremely fashionable with a refined aesthetic and an unarguably the product is pretty intuitive. If you put that at the end of the generation z or millennial they would be delighted to discover the process on their own.

    You can find them at an affordable price of 129 $.

    How it works 

    Please note that this page contains affiliate links.

    1 Set it up

    Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on and your application is up to date. To take a picture that will adjust tap the button on the upper left.

    It is a pretty intuitive process.

    Get on your snap chat

    Click the ghost icon

    Get the snap code in

    It will show ton your screen that they found the spectacles glasses within seconds

    You will see on your screen that the pairing is successful.

    The snap chat will take you to memories which is the second smaller round at the bottom of the screen.

    And you can record through your round brand new lens in full action as you walk and be the hero of your own life!


    2- Process

    You can see the battery through the lens on your left side.

    There is 16 little dot that will slowly fade as you use them.

    Tap the button on your upper left side in order to start recording

    The battery can last up to a day for casual use and it is

    the best innovative feature of all it is that it can charge in its case.

    Check Here  to check the new spectacles glasses .



    Indeed you have two charging

    Brackets inserted on the upper corner of the case. Where the glasses charge themselves. Well If we often forgot to recharge ourselves up these won’t be forgotten.

    What should capture our attention is not all of the sold or unsold ones. However, that this is not its product but the beginning of fashionable wearable.

    From business insiders, CEO Evan Spiegel wants to see how to approach the market even better.

    “We’re going to take a slow approach to rolling them out,” he told The Journal. “It’s about us figuring out if it fits into people’s lives and seeing how they like it.”

    Speculation starts booming, VR or ar glasses.

    This is a lab to see how people are interacting with it. This product is yours and can unleash your imagination into million of possibilities to offer it.

    You can record memories through your own eyes and in case of emergency look cool meanwhile recording everything that you see in live.

    Imagine going on a fashion show and actually give a purpose to your look and stream it live.

    This product is a begging of extraordinary possibilities. How many of us spend our time holding our phone up and be able to record their memory through their eyes.

    It is really a product that unleashes our imagination!

    We can wait to see what comes next as a product from snap chat.




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